Presbyterian churches are led by a Session that is made up of Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders.

The elders jointly have the government and spiritual oversight of the Church, including teaching. Only those elders who are specially gifted, called and trained by God to preach may serve as teaching elders. The office of deacon is not one of rule, but rather of service both to the physical and spiritual needs of the people. In accord with Scripture, these offices are open to men only.” — from the PCA Book of Church Order, Chapter 7-2


The Session is made up of Rev. Chris Shelton (Teaching Elder), Dr. J. G. Alexander (Ruling Elder), Jim Moore (Ruling Elder), and Dale White (Ruling Elder).  The Diaconate consists of William Hamill, Randy Edgar, Gene Cliburn, and Stephen Pace.

Pastor and family

Rev. Chris Shelton has been the minister since 2000.  He is a native of Decatur, Alabama
and received his M.Div. from Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi.
Chris and his wife, Tracey, have 3 sons.